Painting roses

Who's been painting my roses red?
Who dares to taint
With vulgar paint
The royal flower bed?
For painting my roses red
Someone will lose his head.

Disney Princesses In Accurate Period Costume


Pocahontas based on 17th century Powhatan costume

Cinderella’s dress is based in the mid-1860′s

Jasmine is based on rare drawings of pre-Islamic Middle Eastern fashion

Sleeping Beauty based on the year 1485

Ariel’s dress is based on 1890′s evening gown fashion

Belle’s dress is based on 1770′s French court fashion

Soo pretty.

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I’m exactly like anxiety cat T~T

I’m exactly like anxiety cat T~T

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When my parents criticize me:

On the outside I’m like:

but on the inside i’m like:

It really hurts when your parents criticize you and make you feel like you’re a huge failure and that you’ve really disappointed them. :(

And when they compare you to other people, like, “Why can’t you be like them?” It just makes you feel like:

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